Graphite a-Go-Go

a drawing exercise to exorcise the surrounding chaos

Go-go Girls l
Go-go Girls lll
Go-go Gilrs V
Go-go Girls ll
Go-go Gilrs Vl
Go-go Gilrs Vll
Go-go Girls Vlll
Go-go Girls lX
Go-go Girls X
Go-go Girls lV
Go-go Girls Xl
Go-go Girls Xll

 Graphite - a Go-Go began as quick gestural studies after the 2016 elections. I saw parallels      in the societal responses to women's issues that reminded me of the 1960s and I began drawing "Nasty Women" - Go Go Girls. The drawings conveyed attitude and defiance through the unity of the figures and the gestural lines. The act of drawing, the movement itself, became cathartic and energized me as the work evolved into larger mixed media pieces