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   Sojourn STICKITs

STICKIT Installation
A Sojourn STICKIT  Installation

                              A Sojourn STICKIT is a  traveling sculptural form in static motion created from woven, entwined and adhered sticks on a welded metal armature standing over 7 feet tall. They are a part of nature and apart from nature, exploring the strength and ferocity of women, trees and movement

The Sojourn STICKITs, move together to articulate a visual narrative of a supportive enclave, observing the importance of women’s relationships, and celebrating powerful rhythmic gestures, strong feminine heritage and the cathartic healing vitality of lyrical movement. 

These  compelling, feminine forms honor my second-generation immigrant childhood, mostly matriarchal, where magic (never referred to as such) was practiced everyday by the women around me; conjuring food, clothing, and necessities from very little. A STICKIT, unafraid to freely express herself embraces the courageous woman, standing alone, surviving, and yet nurturing an environment in which her offspring might flourish.




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