...stick it to this...stick it to that

STICKIT Coven.jpg

I began making STICKITS. during quarantine.  I felt there was plenty to stick it to - the quarantine, the     shape of this country, the state of the world and all the damn little sticks on the deck of my studio. I                                picked them up and magically they matured into lyrical, ancient crones. 

Creating a STICKIT is a magical process of transformation, creation and catharsis. The gnarled shapes and rhythmic appearance of each stick dictates the motion and gestures that guide their metastasis

into maga femminile.  The STICKITs also allowed involvement in important social justice issues during COVID. It was not possible to go out and physically join protests so the sale of STICKITS (18 so far) allowed me to donate 100% of my profits  to Black Lives Matter - keeping me connected.