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stick it to this...stick it to that...


STICKITriplicate III.jpg

The first STICKIT  was fabricated in February 2020 as the pandemic began - there was plenty to stick it

to - the quarantine, the shape of this country, the state of the world and all the

damn little sticks on the deck of my studio. I picked them up and magically they matured into lyrical, ancient crones about 21 inches tall.


The gnarled shapes and rhythmic appearance of each stick dictates the motion and gesture that guides the metastasis  of ordinary objects into powerful healing maga femminile - a STICKIT  


The act of creating conjured peace amidst the external chaos, and isolation of quarantine. I sold numerous STICKITs through social media enabling me to remain engaged in current. public issues  by donating my profits  to organizations working for social change while still "sheltering at home".

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