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                                                 Resistdance is a visual narrative that includes multi-disciplinary                                                   chapters that exploring women's issues. After decades of  creating                                                 community murals, DiNapoli-Mylet hung her hard hat on the

                                    scaffolding and moved into the studio; telling  her own story. She developed  powerful, evocative imagery that speaks of the moment in which

she is creating. Each piece embodies emotive, dramatic, female energy;

inviting viewers to explore women’s issues through drawings, mixed media,

sculptures and prints






DiNapoli-Mylet's works tease with gestural lines, spontaneous motion and (often) re-purposed                           materials.  Mixed with defiant rhythms,  hopeful attitude and a little maga                                   femminile; they  engage  viewers in  the strength of  the feminine form,                                 the flexibility  of motion and,  the dynamic, rhythmic magic of atti-                                 tude. DiNapoli-Mylet's pieces of  “imaginativeplay"demonstrate

a skill in                          creating a visual language of experience, humor and insight -                                                                             Resistance



Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet

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